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Reliance Screening Solutions offers a vast assortment of products to  satisfy your risk management needs.  Whether you are an employer seeking  to sustain the quality of your employees or a property manager  conducting due diligence to ensure that the best candidates are chosen  for your community, we are here to help you reach your goals!  

Our staff understands that personal background verification is an  important tool to promote clarity, trust and safety in your  organization, hence why we are committed to providing you with thorough,  accurate and well organized reports that have your best interest in  mind.  

We understand that saving your organization time and money is  paramount that’s why we work together with your managers to assess your  business needs and device a plan that best fits your organizations  requirements and budget .  We are proud to have competitive market  prices without having to affect product or service quality. 

We regard all of our customers as an integral part of our growing  family and believe that any disservice to them is a disservice to us.   We look forward to welcoming you and helping you to the best of our  abilities.  

Personal Background Screening

Why do background checks? 

At  the most basic form, background checks are normally conducted to verify  that the information provided to you by an applicant is valid. This  deters personal identity theft and allows an organization to establish a  base of trust with the applicant.

Criminal  background screenings serve multiple purposes: selection of quality  applicants, promotes safer selections, reduces negligent acceptance of  applicants, promotes honesty between applicants and organizations and  avoids future threats and liabilities. This allows organizations to make  quality selections that demonstrate the best interest of the  organization. 

Background  screenings are normally performed by those who have a moral and legal  obligation to their administrations to promote safety and mitigate the  risk of potential threats to the organization. 

Some of the most common screening practices include:

  1. Person Name and Social Security Search
  2. Global Homeland Security Search
  3. Instant Criminal Single State
  4. Employment Verification
  5. Instant Criminal National
  6. Eviction Record Search
  7. Credit Reports