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Person Search - The Person Search provides up-to-date information on an applicant's full name and/or alternate names used by an applicant, dates at listed addresses, age/date of birth, and available phone information based on the social security number (SSN).   Person Search uses SSA rules to provide the date range of issuance and validity of the SSN, as well as providing notifications if the SSN is on the SSA death index.  Person Search is an investigative starting point that provides a more complete background search when combined with additional screening services.

Global Homeland Security Search - A database compiled from lists provided by U.S. and various international governmental agencies of individuals who may be involved in terrorist activities, money laundering, illegal imports, fraud against government agencies, violations of federal banking regulations, and fugitives from justice.  Information may include date of birth, place of birth, citizenship, employment or group membership or affiliation.  See coverage document

InstaCriminal Single State - Is a single state instant search of criminal records databases compiled from various reporting agencies throughout a single state.  Sources may include Department of Corrections, Administration of the Court, county courts, sex offender registries, and other proprietary records databases.  This search includes the National Sex & Violent Offender Database.  Please see the jurisdiction notes below for specific coverage and limitations for each jurisdiction. 

InstaCriminal Research - Colorado - Offers a real-time Colorado Court Records Access, which contains records from all county and district level courts in Colorado. Any changes made at the court level are immediately reflected.  See coverage document 

InstaCriminal National - MultiState - Is a nationwide, instant search of a criminal records database. Learn about prison and probation sentences, offense history and more. Our National Criminal Report May Include: Comprehensive Nationwide Criminal History; County Courts Data; Global Homeland Security Database; National Sex Offender Database; Information from State Agencies Proprietary Offender Data; Department of Corrections; Administrative Office of the Court; Department of Public Safety, and Traffic Court.  See coverage document 

InstaCriminal Alias - This search combines the value of a Person Search and InstaCriminal National search into a single, powerful searching tool. When this search is ordered, a Person Search is run to gather alias information associated with the applicant's SSN, and then the applicant and alias information is automatically run through Trade House Data's InstaCriminal National database. This instant search will be a powerful selling tool for you to increase revenue and deliver a more valuable and
comprehensive background check package.

Eviction Records Search - Searches evictions and judgments that have been filed in court. Eviction Records may include eviction, possession, and monetary judgments. The eviction search provides automated analysis of millions of county and state-wide eviction records that are collected for our database.  See coverage document

InstaEviction National Lookup - This search combines the power of a Person Search to discover undisclosed history and the breadth of an InstaEviction National search into a single, powerful searching tool. When ordered, the InstaEviction National Lookup search performs a Person Search to develop the name and address history associated with the applicant's SSN. The full history is then used to search Trade House Data's national eviction database with sophisticated matching algorithms to minimize false positives, saving your processors time and ensuring you get the most complete and accurate results possible. The InstaEviction National Lookup search gives you the competitive edge to deliver a more valuable and comprehensive tenant screening package to your clients and prospects.